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BM-1600 Time Based Brake Monitor
Replacement Parts

11-001                          Metal box enclosure (with gasket)  

11-073                          Metal panel mount (with gasket) open frame for brake monitor 


20-001                          1A Slo-Blo glass 3AG fuse 

20-022                          1A Slo-Blo nano SMF fuse  


21-053                          Encoder Wheel (brass) 


26-020                          Front panel overlay (BM-1600) 


32-001                          Safety relay (blue or white Dold, or clear Elesta)  


42-001                          Software microprocessor chip (specify square or rectangular) 


43-004                          Encoder cable (20’) 


52-002                          Display board  

52-003                          Computer / Power supply / Relay board (with CPU)
52-084                          Ribbon Cable  

52-202                          Encoder board  


53-004                          E-1600 Encoder with single-ended shaft (supplied standard)  

53-451                          EN-1600D Encoder with double-ended shaft 



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