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A most important aspect of double valve design is the incorporation of two separate 3/2 normally closed valve elements which are interconnected within a common valve body assembly. Each of the elements is operated by its own 3/2 normally closed solenoid pilot valve. When simultaneously energized, both main valve elements are operated simultaneously. The probability of both valve elements malfunctioning on the same cycle is extremely remote.

A mechanical power press or other hazardous machine using a pneumatically controlled clutch and brake mechanism should use a double valve with a self-contained monitoring device and/or external monitoring system which inhibits further operation of the valve and machine in the event of a failure within the valve. Of course, a double valve is just one of the components in a press control system, and any other elements of the system should be planned with safety as a primary consideration.


Heavy Duty Pressure Switch
No. 306
NEMA type 12 oil-tight and dust-tight switch is adjustable from 1 to 115 PSI.


Limit Switch
No. 301
Oil-tight limit switch contains one set normally-open contacts and one set normally-closed contacts.


Miniature Regulator, Oiler, Filter
No. 311A 

Operation Station
No. UL-501
Includes two  ergonomic run palm buttons and one emergency stop palm button, internally wired.


Palm Button
No. 318
Includes ring guard and mounting enclosure.


Pedestal Mounts
Painted OSHA yellow and made of heavy angle construction.
Model 8000:
used to mount cornering mirrors or safety light curtains off of a machine.
Model 8500: used to mount an operator station or palm buttons off of a machine and includes a top plate for mounting. Both models are supplied with a floor mounting plate that can be lagged to the floor



Resolver Cabling 30'
Part #45-020


Resolver Transducer

Industrial Grade Brushless Resolver Transducer
Part #40-003

 Heavy duty brushless resolver transducer which replaces the current mechanical rotary cam switch. 


Filter, Regulator, Lubricator
No. 311


Electric Foot Pedal
No. 302
An oil-tight foot switch. Contains 1 set, normally-open contacts and 1 set, normally-closed contacts. Includes a treadle guard to protect against accidental tripping. Requires a point of operation guard
 when used for machine actuation," such as safety light curtains or safety interlock systems.


Rotary Cam Switch with Drive Check
No. 310A
The primary components which make up the Rotating Cam Limit Switch are Snap Action Switches and the Micro-Adjust Cams. The Micro-Adjust Cam Block consists of two cams with 180 degree lobes which can be adjusted relative to the cam shaft by simply rotating the Adjusting Disc. No tools are required to make this adjustment. The adjusting disc can be manually rotated as shown in the photograph. The cam block has a self-locking polyurethane gear which automatically locks the cams relative to the cam shaft, when the required contact setting has been obtained.



Shut-Off Valve
Ordering Procedure
Part Size PTF
Three-Way Valves Exhaust Downstream Air in Closed Position

1/4" (6mm)
Part #TO8-200-E1PA

3/8" (10mm)
Part #TO8-300-E1PA

1/2" (13mm)
Part #TO8-400-E1PA



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