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PressCam 8 Replacement Parts

11-131 Panel Mount (with gasket)

11-134 Metal Box enclosure (with gasket)

11-132 LCD mounting bracket (blue)

11-133 Aluminum Shield cover for computer board

11-135 Solid State Relay hold-down for I/O board

11-159 Large Metal Box enclosure (includes space for TTLM module)

18-005 B/W LCD display panel (with backlight)

18-006 LCD Backlight power supply

18-007 LCD Backlight fluorescent tube

20-022 1A Fuse (white nano)

20-023 5A Fuse (white nano)

21-047 Tuning Knob (black knob)

21-048 Tuning Knob (black ring)

26-071 Graphic overlay skin

30-009 Replacement Tonnage Controller (3 or 4 channel input unit)

30-010 Replacement Tonnage Sensors & 35’ of cable

30-013 Replacement Tonnage Controller (1 or 2 channel input unit)

32-001 Safety Valve Relay (blue or white Dold, clear or green Elesta)

32-038 Ouput Module (Solid State AC)

32-039 Ouput Module (Solid State DC)

32-041 Output Relay (G2R-1-S)

35-065 EEPROM JOB memory chip (50 jobs) (2 chips required for 100)

39-051 RUN/PROG Keyswitch (with keys and cable)

40-002 Tuning Encoder device

45-019 LCD cable (from LCD to Computer board)

45-020 Resolver cable (30’)

52-115 Power & I/O board (without output modules) specify solid-state or relay

52-116 Dual Computer board (with 100 job memory)

52-122 I/O ribbon cable (from I/O board to Computer board) 2’

52-123 Power cable (from I/O board to Computer board) 2’

52-227 Resolver unit (no cable) (formerly 40-003)

52-282 Board adds Ethernet to the PressCam 8. Cannot be used at the same time as optional servo control.


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