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Rotary Cam Based Replacement Parts

Please consult factory for additional information:

11-072 steel master/slave/power/relay stack cover (white)

20-001 1A Fuse (3ag glass)

20-018 1A Fuse (plastic standup micro, in 24vdc output)

26-016 Diagnostics Status Display label (overlay)

32-001 Safety Valve Relay (blue,white Dold or clear, green Elesta)

42-004 Master software Chip (please note rectangular or square)

42-005 Slave software Chip (please note rectangular or square)

52-032 Diagnostics Status Display unit

52-071 Ribbon cables

52-093 Master/Slave 12 conductor Input Cable (52”)

52-119M Master computer board (no CPU)

52-119S Slave computer board (no CPU)

52-120 Power supply/Relay board (with relays)


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