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The Model PCS-2000 Control System is completely prewired and ready for installation. System supplied complete with a well marked terminal strip for easy, safe, and accurate electrical interface to the various punch press components. Due to the hybrid design characteristics, a main power disconnect switch and magnetic motor starter can be supplied in the same control panel.

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Replacement Parts for PressCommander
Resolver Based Controls
(All Models/Styles)


Part Number        Description
11-157                         Panel Mount (with Gasket)
11-167                         Shield cover for Display unit
11-168                        Shield cover for master/slave/power board stack

20-022                       1A Slo-Blo nano SMF fuse
20-023                       5A Fuse (white nano)

26-091                        Display Overlay

30-009                       Tonnage Controller (3 or 4 channel)
30-010                        Tonnage Sensor & 35’ of cable
30-013                        Tonnage Controller (1 or 2 channel)

32-002                       Output Relay (black G6B-1174P)
32-006                       Output Relay (black G6B-2114P)
32-101                        4 pole 12 VDC (clear KACO safety relay)

35-111                    Ethernet Module with software (factory installed & replaced)
35-065                  EEPROM Job memory chip (100 jobs) (59 jobs with optional expander board)
35-120                  Job memory chip for the PressCommander only (150 jobs) (100 jobs with optional expander board)

37-040                 Solid State output relay (factory installed and replaced)

39-151                  10.1” color touchscreen

39-084                 RUN/PROG keyswitch, key, and cable

45-020                 Resolver cable (30’) with connectors
45-027                 Display data/power cable (6’ standard size)
45-029                 Display data/power cable (15’ extended length for remoting Display unit)

52-227                  Resolver unit (no cable) (formerly 40-003)
52-245                  PCS Display board (with job memory and VFD display)
52-246                  PCS Master board
52-247                  PCS Slave board
52-248                  PCS Power supply / Relay output board (with relays and fuses)
52-251                   Ribbon Cable Assembly
52-271                   Master/Slave 9 conductor Input Cable (4.5’)
52-279                  Expander Board (requires DeviceNet Plug on back of Display Unit)
52-280                 Expander Power supply (stacks under Expander board)

The entire Pressroom Electronics product mix has the capability to have our factory personnel create special programs or functions for your unique machine application. Additionally, when your customized program or function is completed, we simply send you an encrypted electronic file to download into your Pressroom Electronics product via the onboard USB port provided. This simple, easy, cost efficient procedure will enhance your machine utilization, and most importantly, it’s safe. Consult your Pressroom Electronics distributor or our factory to turn your customized application in to a reality. You may contact our factory direct through the contact information below.

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