Model FPC Control System 

Open Architecture Multi-function Machine Controls for Fluid Power Safety of Hydraulic or Pneumatic Energy Based Machines

-Complies with OSHA and ANSI Codes B11.3-2012 and B11.2-2013 requirements.
-Complies with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) various B11 standards.
-Control reliable design for rotary (resolver or rotary cam) or linear action machines.
-Category 4 Control Category per EN 954.
-Performance Level – PL e per EN/ISO 13849-1.
-The FPC Control has redundant cross-checking microprocessors.
-The FPC Control has redundant DC power supplies.
-The FPC Control has redundant and monitored ram advance with force guided output relays and external relay monitoring.
-The FPC Control monitors faults, including diminished performance faults. The control’s fault detection has no dependency on external machine controls.
-The FPC Control returns the machine to a safe position whenever there is loss of pressure or other such event.
-The FPC Control stops the machine operation upon detection of a fault condition until such condition is corrected.
-The FPC Control contains a dedicated specific reset input which prohibits a machine reset by removing or re-applying the pneumatic or hydraulic power.
-The FPC Control requires that the machine reset(s) be operator actuated.
-The advanced platform engineering of the FPC control provides the end user field functionality upgrades or program modifications via an on board USB port for downloads.
-Ethernet is optional.

-Pneumatic or Hydraulic Energy Based Machines
-Also applicable for powder metal presses, multi-slide/four slide machines, forging press controls and specialty or custom machine controls.

Model FPC Control System Ordering Proposal Guide

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