Exceeds OSHA 1910.217 & ANSI B11.1-2009, “Control Reliable Design,” with dual logic power supplies, heavy duty resolver and cable, System diagnostics and programming in plain English/Spanish which can control up to four sets of operator stations, Major faults such as E-Stop, motion, brake monitor, and sensor faults are handled by two force-guided relays (Form B safety relays), Off–inch–single–continuous, Continuous ARM; top stop, anti-tie down and anti-repeat, SPM Range (1 to 500), Password and supervisory controlled keyed selector switch for security of data entry, Interrupted stroke provision with indicator, Inch mode monitoring, Crank angle and speed readout (SPM), Time-based brake monitor, Built-in motion detector and drift fault, 90° and 270° stop time tester/meter built-in, Built-in hour meter for maintenance, Built-in variable speed compensation, Servo-feed interface built-in, Six optically isolated die protection inputs, Six PLS (programmable limit switch) output relays, 100 job memory, Stroke, batch, quality, and part counters, Batch counter output relay, Die protection output relay, Speed output relay, Auxiliary output relay, Optional Ethernet or DeviceNet and PC Link to allow offline job creation and storage. (For Custom Programming & Remote Field Upgrades, please consult factory at or (630) 443-9320.) Presscommander TouchscreenOptional 10.1” color touchscreen replaces the standard display shown. Touchscreen is shown to the left and includes Production Monitoring. PressCommander >>

Presscommander TouchscreenPressCommander Touchscreen PressCommander Touchscreen >>


PressCam8PressCam 8
PressCam 8 is a “control reliable” resolver based programmable cam switch (PLS), time-based brake monitor, die protection system, multiple counters, and much more in one package. The system contains two 16-bit computers that are configured to cross check each other and the resolver. The dual computers are interfaced with a full view 8” (203mm) diagonal LCD computer screen for viewing and programming ease. This large operator screen supplies operators and front line supervisors production data without the need of cumbersome menu and program access codes. 100 job memory. PressCam8>>



PressCam8-JuniorPressCam 8 Junior
The PressCam 8 Junior is a resolver-based press automation controller that incorporates a programmable cam limit switch (PLS), timed-based brake monitor, servo feed control, four counters, and a die protection system The PressCam 8 Junior is controlled by a 16-bit computer that constantly checks the resolver for accuracy. 100 job memory. PressCam 8 Junior>>