The Board Only Clutch/Brake Module (Part #SSM-05). The redundant clutch/ brake punch press control module
with a remote panel mount message display (available in English or Spanish). Please see the design criteria and system description writing. Complies with section 1910.217 of the Federal Register and ANSI B11.1-2009.

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Part Number       Description

11-072                        teel master/slave/power/relay stack cover (white)

20-001                       1A Slo-Blo glass 3AG fuse
20-018                       1A Fuse (plastic standup micro, in 24vdc output)
20-022                       1A Slo-Blo nano SMF fuse

26-016                       Diagnostics Status Display label (overlay)
30-012                       24vdc @ 2.2A power supply (90-260vac In) 3.9” L x 3.8” W x 1.4” H
(99.1mm x 96.5mm x 35.6mm)
32-101                       4 pole 12 VDC (clear KACO safety relay)
39-026                      Standalone five digit counter with reset.

42-004                      Master software Chip (please note rectangular or square)
42-005                      Slave software Chip (please note rectangular or square)

52-032                      Diagnostics Status Display unit
52-071                       Ribbon cables
52-093                      Master/Slave 12 conductor Input Cable (52”) Double ended female
52-119M                   Master computer board (no CPU)
52-119S                     Slave computer board (no CPU)
52-120                      Power supply/Relay board (with relays)

• Fused main power Disconnect (IEC or NEMA)
• Magnetic motor starters (IEC or NEMA)
• Rotary Cam Limit Switches
• 54-003 – Model BM-1600 Time Based Brake Monitor mounted in a control panel (with encoder)
• Micro-Inching function
• Light Guard on/off supervisory controlled key switch (IEC)
• Multiple operator station control key switch (IEC)
• Bar Turnover function (IEC)
• Die Block receptacle outlet
• Shutdown timer
• 110VAC outlet
• 220VAC outlet (specify load)
• 5 Digit resettable LCD counter (battery powered) 2.8” x 1.5” (Part Number 39-026)
• Remote Operator Interface Panel
• NEMA Style Indicators & Switch gear on control panel to replace IEC Style
• Automatic External Trip
SSM-10 without IEC switchgear (at time of purchase)
SSM-20 with IEC switchgear (key switches & push buttons)
• Continuous on Demand
SSM-10 without IEC switchgear (at time of purchase)
SSM-20 with IEC switchgear (key switches & push buttons)
(For Custom Programming & Remote Field Upgrades, please consult factory at service@pressroomelectronics.com or (630) 443-9320.)


Safety Light Curtain (up to four sets of pylons, specify size)
(see Pinnacle Systems, Inc. website for models)