The redundant clutch/brake punch press control module with a remote panel mount message display (available in English or Spanish). Please see the indepth design criteria and system description writing. Complies with section
1910.217 of the Federal Register and ANSI B11.1-2009. Also included are all of the switches, legend plates, push buttons, and indicator lights for easy mounting into your existing control.

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Part Number       Description

11-072                        teel master/slave/power/relay stack cover (white)

20-001                       1A Slo-Blo glass 3AG fuse
20-018                       1A Fuse (plastic standup micro, in 24vdc output)
20-022                       1A Slo-Blo nano SMF fuse

26-016                       Diagnostics Status Display label (overlay)
30-012                       24vdc @ 2.2A power supply (90-260vac In) 3.9” L x 3.8” W x 1.4” H
(99.1mm x 96.5mm x 35.6mm)
32-101                       4 pole 12 VDC (clear KACO safety relay)
39-026                      Standalone five digit counter with reset.

42-004                      Master software Chip (please note rectangular or square)
42-005                      Slave software Chip (please note rectangular or square)

52-032                      Diagnostics Status Display unit
52-071                       Ribbon cables
52-093                      Master/Slave 12 conductor Input Cable (52”) Double ended female
52-119M                   Master computer board (no CPU)
52-119S                     Slave computer board (no CPU)
52-120                      Power supply/Relay board (with relays)

• Fused main power Disconnect (IEC or NEMA)
• Magnetic motor starters (IEC or NEMA)
• Rotary Cam Limit Switches
• 54-003 – Model BM-1600 Time Based Brake Monitor mounted in a control panel (with encoder)
• Micro-Inching function
• Light Guard on/off supervisory controlled key switch (IEC)
• Multiple operator station control key switch (IEC)
• Bar Turnover function (IEC)
• Die Block receptacle outlet
• Shutdown timer
• 110VAC outlet
• 220VAC outlet (specify load)
• 5 Digit resettable LCD counter (battery powered) 2.8” x 1.5” (Part Number 39-026)
• Remote Operator Interface Panel
• NEMA Style Indicators & Switch gear on control panel to replace IEC Style
• Automatic External Trip
SSM-10 without IEC switchgear (at time of purchase)
SSM-20 with IEC switchgear (key switches & push buttons)
• Continuous on Demand
SSM-10 without IEC switchgear (at time of purchase)
SSM-20 with IEC switchgear (key switches & push buttons)
(For Custom Programming & Remote Field Upgrades, please consult factory at service@pressroomelectronics.com or (630) 443-9320.)


Safety Light Curtain (up to four sets of pylons, specify size)
(see Pinnacle Systems, Inc. website for models)